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History of poker

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Poker, as we know it today, was born in America. And from there became known to the entire world. In order to play poker, we need cards. The first cards were made in China but there are no references that Chinese people played this kind of game. The Europeans learnt the cards form the Arabs. The reports about a Persian game that looks like poker, the Nas, came chronologically very later. So, probably the Europeans brought this game to Persia. In Europe, the ancestors of poker were called "poque" or "pochen. The French-speaking emigrants in America seem that gave to the game its today form, in New Orleans. In very short time, the game met big success in the American West. But with the success, came at the same time and the bad reputation of poker because of the deceit game that professional players played against inapprehensive victims (marked cards, cards in sleeves e.t.c.)

Today, poker is a universal game, with athletic character, world confederacies, unions and championships. Poker is a game that is played in every casino, but also, in other places and in internet. The actual form of poker exists in many variations, except for the classical form with the 5 cards in every opponent, which aim to the multiplication of bets for stronger competition. The basic form of poker is the stud poker that is played in casinos but it does not involve any action of the player because neither the player nor the dealer changes cards. Other games of poker are the ones that are famous, these that are played by groups of players. Recently, some electronic games of poker, the videos poker, have become very famous too.

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